Wood Decks

Wood decks have a rich, warm, natural look and feel that is both beautiful and inviting. Karpentor Custom Homes offers a wide selection of attractive and durable options for wooden decks to fit all budgets and styles, including redwood, cedar, hardwood, and pressure treated. At Karpentor Custom Homes, we look for wood that is renewable and responsibly grown and harvested for our wood decks, and we use low VOC sealants, stains and finishes to protect them.

Our skilled carpenters will ensure that your decks are solid and structurally sound, built on a firm, stable foundation that is up to code. These crucial steps will leave your decks looking, feeling, and performing beautifully for years. Many species of wood used in decks have a lifespan of decades, some hardwoods exceeding 50+ years, making it vital that they are well constructed with quality materials and skilled techniques from the start to take best advantage of their longevity.

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