Composite Decks

Recent advances in the manufacturing and composition of composite decking have lead to a more durable, longer lasting, lower maintenance product that stands up well to the elements and high traffic while affording homeowners the luxury of almost no maintenance. Newer styles of composite decking have minimal expansion and contraction rates, which to keeps all joints looking perfect. They are also more stain, scratch, and mould resistant. Composite decks don’t require yearly staining or sealing, and the material is easy to work with, and can be sanded and routed just like wood.

The initial investment for composite wood decks is greater than traditional wood, however the value composite decks offer the consumer will more than make up for the initial expense as they require significantly less effort to maintain and last much longer, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your property. Composite decks are also environmentally responsible as they are constructed from recycled materials, diverting tens of thousands of pounds of plastics and other recyclables from landfills in the manufacturing of composite decking products.

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